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Unread postPosted: 01 Sep 2007, 15:54 
Scar Hunter
Scar Hunter
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Joined: 17 Apr 2006, 14:02
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Favourite 'Simon' Character: Jonathan Chase
Location: Reading, UK
About You
Full Name (optional) : Amber
Location (optional) : South Wales
Age (optional) : 22 (Nearly 23!!)
Height : About 5'7"
Hair Colour : Brown
Eye Colour : Hazel Green
Weight (Optional): Ooooh, not sure about 9 and a half stone.

Simon Questions
First thing you saw Simon in : Jaws 3, then I loved the fact that I could see him every week in Casualty. I used to love Casualty but really got back into it because of him!
Fav Simon Film : Ooooh, thats hard, No Greater Love... because he gets his top off!!
Fav Simon Series : Casualty!
Fav Simon Quote : "You'll have to wear something wipe clean!"
Simon's best feature is everything about him!!
If you could own items that Simon's character has owned what would it(they) be and why? Ummm, I think one of Harry's ties or one of his scrubs tops because he looks so lovely in them and I could imagine that I had taken it off!! Just kidding.

Non Simon Questions
Interests : Ummm, some television, films, my favourite actors, Simon obviously, Casualty, Simon Cowell, I support Manchester United, the Internet, lots more, but cant remember them!! I love hanging out with my friends and family and generally having a laugh!!
Fav non Simon film : My Fair Lady (I love Rex Harrison!) or anything with Anthony Hopkins!
Fav non Simon series : Waking The Dead, Trevor Eve rocks!! Top Gear, anything to do with Simon Cowell.
Fav non Simon quote : "I ate his liver, with some fava beans, and a nice chianti... slurp, slurp, slurp!!"
Fav sport : Football, though I do like quite a lot of others!
Fav book : Simon Cowell autobiograpy, so funny, and Jeremy Clarkson's books, really funny too!

Describe yourself in 5 words : Funny, confident, shy, dedicated, helpful.
Tell us a joke : A joke? The fact that Harry and Selena were never a full time couple, thats a joke!! (Sorry, I can never remember any proper ones, Im more a one liner kinda girl.)
Any embarrassing stories you'd like to share? : My Mum pulled up to a post box once and asked me to post a pile of about 10/12 letters. I got out of the car and put them through the hole. I got back in the car and my Mum stared at me in horror, I suddenly realised, I had posted them in the bin!!!!!!!!!!!! I just saw the hole and put them in!! The thing is though, I didnt look as stupid as my Mum who got out to check that I had got them all out and I guy walking his dog walked past her and she looked like someone rumaging for their dinner!!

I have a nickname in work, Myra, because one of my colleagues once asked me if I thought that another of my colleagues who I worked with looked like Myra Hindley, my reply was "Oh, the woman from the bakery department?" This was of course met by much laughter until I realised who Myra Hindley was!! I thought they just meant the lady on bakery called Myra and if I thought my colleague looked like her!!
Now, everytime I make a mistake, everyone just looks at me and says "MYRA!"

Anything you'd like to tell members about yourself : No, I think I've pretty much covered most things. I got very flustered yet managed to keep it all under control when I met Simon earlier this year after watching him in the fab Unexpected Guest. I remember looking at him whilst he was talking to me and thinking "Awww bless, he hasnt even had time to wash all his stage makeup off." I then thought about saying this to him, and what I would have said next, out of complete randomness was "My sister's a nail technician!" What the hell has that got to do with his makeup? Luckily though I managed to keep it all under control and he gave me the most lovliest squeeze when my friend told him how much I liked him whilst we were posing for a photograph... I did leave my handbag on top of my car, stop at the wrong side of a red light, stall twice, and get in the wrong lane whilst going home afterwards though!! That man needs to realise what a powerful effect he has on a woman!!

Other Stuff
Fav Topic here? : Anything to do with Simon, Im happy. I like hearing about new things he is doing such as Sleuth, WOO HOO!!
Fav website? :, and The Sun website.
Simpsons/South Park : Family Guy! (The Simpsons!)
Peppermint/Spearmint : Spearmint
Question from previous person : Which of Simon's old films you haven't seen? Quite a few Im afraid, I moved into my first house last year and so money is a bit tight, my mortgage doesnt leave much for DVD's anymore so I try to see what I can on the telly or on Shelli's site and then buy one when I get a few pennies spare!
A question for the next person to do this? :If you could be a character of any of Simon's plays, films or tv programmes, who would it be, why, and is there anything you would do differently to them?

Simon's Secret Society
'Not you again!', "You Lack Motivation!?", "As you know, you have my full support"

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Unread postPosted: 01 Sep 2007, 17:20 
De Viega's Deity
De Viega's Deity
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Joined: 10 Apr 2007, 15:05
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Favourite 'Simon' Character: Harry Harper
Location: Nijlen - Belgium
Trevor Eve certainly rocks! I love Waking the Dead too.
All the other stories you wrote here, they made me laugh. :D

Heidi Breugelmans

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Unread postPosted: 03 Sep 2007, 17:41 
Romancing Reardon
Romancing Reardon
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Joined: 29 Jul 2006, 22:13
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Favourite 'Simon' Character: .
Ah I love Jeremy Clarksons books!

So much for London, home of the Brash, outrageous and free!

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Unread postPosted: 26 Sep 2007, 23:45 
Lucius' Lover
Lucius' Lover
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Joined: 26 Sep 2006, 12:55
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Favourite 'Simon' Character: Fave Character
Location: Caerphilly, S.Wales
I like to laugh at my stupidity, though my friends say Im just naive... think they are just trying to be nice!

Trevor Eve is awesome, he is gorgeous, a real man.

And Jez Clarkson? He is so funny. Even though his profession is not a comedian, he certainly makes me laugh out loud, I love him! Top Gear has to be one of the best programmes on telly. Before I got into it, I used to see it advertised and without even turning it on, just think "its boring and its about cars!" Oh how wrong was I! Im not a big car fan, I havent got the first clue about V8's and turbo's etc, but even the bits where they do talk about cars, its so enjoyable and funny.
The challenges and races are definitely the best, mainly cos Clarkson always wins, no matter what car he has and what transport the others have!

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