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 Post subject: September 08 - Kirsty
Unread postPosted: 01 Sep 2008, 17:32 
Scar Hunter
Scar Hunter
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Favourite 'Simon' Character: Jonathan Chase
Location: Reading, UK
About You
Full Name (optional) : Kirsty
Location (optional) : Torquay, Devon
Age (optional) : 22
Height : *shrugs* I think about 5ft 5, cos I'm only slightly taller then 5ft 4
Hair Colour : dark brown
Eye Colour : dark brown
Weight (Optional):

Simon Questions
First thing you saw Simon in : Casualty
Fav Simon Film : Jaws3 [its the only one I've seen]
Fav Simon Series : Casualty
Fav Simon Quote : ' Will you help me through this' [as Harry to Maggie when he's about to leave <3]
Simon's best feature is his __personality__
If you could own items that Simon's character has owned what would it(they) be and why? I actually dont know... sorry

Non Simon Questions
Interests : Susan Cookson :roll: , Casualty, Wicked the Musical, reading, hanging out with friends, la internet.
Fav non Simon film : Sex And The City
Fav non Simon series :can I say Casualty again cos its my fav programme end of, if not Eastenders
Fav non Simon quote :'My Two Girls' - Susan Cookson :wub:
Fav sport : Athletics
Fav book : The Wire in the Blood series
Describe yourself in 5 words : outgoing, loud, chatty, random, caring
Tell us a joke :Why was 6 scared? cos seven, eight, nine
Any embarrassing stories you'd like to share? : I once got so flustered in front of Simon that I didnt know what to say to him and blurted out ' did you know they've taken up the traintracks between Exeter and Barnstaple' *cringes*
Anything you'd like to tell members about yourself : I love the colour purple and Susan Cookson

Other Stuff
Fav Topic here? :The Harry relationships one
Fav website? : Holby.TV
Simpsons/South Park : Simpsons
Peppermint/Spearmint : Spearmint
Question from previous person: If you could come back in another life as an animal which animal would it be and why: I'd come back as a cat cos then I could laze around and sleep all day.

A question for the next person to do this? : What's the best holiday you've ever had?

Simon's Secret Society
'Not you again!', "You Lack Motivation!?", "As you know, you have my full support"

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Unread postPosted: 05 Sep 2008, 17:36 
Top Poster
Top Poster
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Favourite 'Simon' Character: Harry Harper
Kirsty, with whom is your favourite Harry relationship? I loved him with Selena but Ellen just edged it with me.

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