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At present we have thousands of photos, image scans, screen caps, audio and video clips.

We have scans from numerous magazines, press packs and theatre programs as well as screen caps and video clips from film and TV covering over a 20 year period. Click here for more information on what this site offers.

If you scroll down and look at the catergories they will tell you which albums are contatined within, Screen Caps are at the top, Video Clips towards the bottom. If you still can't find what you're looking for try asking on the forum and someone should be able to point you in the right direction

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Random files
FC04x16-045.jpg04x16 - Insult and Injury6 views
FC05x11-005.jpg05x11 - Strange Bedfellows3 views
19x36-045.jpg19x36 - A Question Of Loyalty2 views
20x11-026.jpg20x11 - Love And Duty9 views
CS01x20-008.jpg01x20 - Verathion3 views

Category Albums Files
Art and Other Stuff
CalendarsAll the current and past calendars, all created by emmajk or Kathie. A new one will posted at the beginning of each month
3 20
Other StuffContains unique video messages from Simon to his fans
1 3
Interviews (a)Contains a BBC Radio 1, 2 and 5, BBC local radio, Horse of the Year Show interviews and voice over work
7 12
Fan Club ArchiveSimply Simon Newsletters, and other associated material collected by Lonna Poland, Fan Club president 1983-1995
PhotosPhotos and screen caps collected by the Fan Club
11 87
Simon SaysSimply Simon Fan Club original newsletter scans
1 20
Simon Says ImagesImages extracted from the newsletters
1 9
ScansContains scans from magazines, newspapers, theatre programmes, cast cards, photos, DVD/video covers.

Some sub categories listed below
7 182
Film Magazines
4 54
Newspapers and Supplements
8 71
Other Magazines
11 160
Simon's Secret SocietyA Section for registered members only with some parts available to everyone
Photo GalleryThe members only section. Large collection of photos, these are very large files so might take a while to download on a slow connection
Simon's Secret Society RevealedThis section has a selection of some of the photos in that section above, though these are slightly lower quality and size, we thought it was time more people could see them.
19 847
TV Magazines
7 131
Screen Caps
1974 (s)Contains Terror on The Britannic (Juggernaught)
1 8
1976 (s)Contains I Claudius, Romeo and Juliet, Beasts
4 410
1977 (s)Contains Jesus Of Nazareth
1 40
1978 (s)Contains Death On The Nile, Riddle Of The Sands, The Doombolt Chase
4 333
1979 (s)Contains Dukes Of Hazzard, Quatermass
5 405
1980 (s)Contains Hammer House Of Horror, Caboblanco
4 454
1981 (s)Contains Manions of America
3 519
1982 (s)Contains An Outpost Of Progress, The Sword and the Sorcerer, Robbers Of The Scared Mountain, Hart 2 Hart
4 269
1983 (s)Contains Jaws 3, Manimal
1 62
Manimal (s)
9 1,672
1984 (s)Contains Falcon Crest
Falcon Crest
Series 4 (s)
31 2,091
Series 5 (s)
30 871
1987 (s)Contains Sincerely Violet
1 271
1990 (s)Contains Counterstrike
Series 1 (s)
23 2,691
Series 2 (s)
Series 3 (s)
1995 (s)Contains At The Midnight Hour, The Way To Dusty Death, Family Of Cops
3 764
1996 (s)Contains No Greater Love
1 121
1997 (s)Contains La Femme Nikita, Running Wild, While My Pretty One Sleeps
3 418
1998 (s)Contains Nightman
1 68
1999 (s)Contains Wing Commander, The Girl Next Door, Poltergeist: The Legacy
7 849
2000 (s)Contains The Dinosaur Hunter, Earth: Final Conflict
2 527
2001 (s)Contains Queen of Swords, Relic Hunter
4 900
2002 (s)Contains Casualty
Series 16 (s)
5 187
Series 17 (s)
40 2,208
Series 18 (s)
43 2,710
Series 19 (s)
50 4,402
Series 20 (s)
47 4,777
Series 21 (s)
27 2,751
Series 22 (s)
24 2,398
2007 (s)Contains This Morning, BAFTA's, GMTV, A First Class Murder, Pyramids of Giza
5 311
2008 (s)Contains Alan Titchmarsh Show, Horse Of The Year Show, Songs Of Praise, The Wright Stuff, The Five Thirty Show, This Morning
6 314
The Wright Stuff (s)All Simon's The Wright Stuff episodes from 2008
7 332
2009 (s)Contains A Closed Book, Horse of The Year Show, The Wright Stuff
3 240
2010 (s)Contains 13 Hrs, New Tricks
2 10
Site StuffAny site images
Video ClipsAll video clips made using TV Quality footage only
1976 (v)Contains I Claudius
1 3
1983 (v)
Manimal (v)
9 10
1984 (v)Contains Falcon Crest
Falcon Crest
Series 4 (v)
3 3
1986 (v)Contains This is Your Life: Susan George
1 2
1990 (v)Contains Counterstrike
Series 1 (v)
9 10
1997 (v)Contains La Femme Nikita
1 1
1999 (v)Contains Poltergeist: The Legacy
5 7
2001 (v)Contains Relic Hunter
3 8
2002 (v)Contains Casualty
Series 16 (v)
4 20
Series 17 (v)
17 60
Series 18 (v)
19 70
Series 19 (v)
17 42
Series 20 (v)
33 94
Series 21 (v)
9 25
Series 22 (v)
3 3
2007 (v)Contains This Morning, GMTV, A First Class Murder
3 6
2008 (v)Contains Alan Titchmarsh Show, BBC Breakfast, Song's Of Praise, Horse of The Year Show, The Wright Stuff, This Morning
5 6
The Wright Stuff (v)All Simon's The Wright Stuff episodes from 2008
7 44
2009 (v)Contains Horse of The Year Show, The Wright Stuff
2 7
2010 (v)Contains New Tricks and a few TV mentions (Casualty, The Wright Stuff)
2 6
2011 (v)Contains TV mentions (BAFTA's)
1 1
2013 (v)Contains TV mentions (Living the Life)
1 3
Music Videos and Edited Scenes
3 16
Other (v)Contains adverts featuring Simon, either in person or just his voice
1 4
36,430 files in 640 albums and 92 categories with 126 comments viewed 575,596 times

Random files
19x12-030.jpg19x12 - Past Imperfect11 views
18x46-072.jpg18x46 - Ring Of Truth1 views
CS01x22-097.jpg01x22 - The Dilemma3 views
22x25-118.jpg22x25 - Sex and Death1 views
Kezz009.jpgUnknown TV Magazine82 viewsIf anyone can tell us which magazine this is from Contact Us on the link at the bottom of every page and let us know.

Thanks to Kerri for the image

Last viewed
20x26-233.wmvWorld's Apart192 viewsEllen turns down Harry's proposalFeb 06, 2016 at 10:48 AM
20x26-014.wmvWorld's Apart204 viewsAn awkward proposalFeb 06, 2016 at 10:47 AM
AFCM-007.jpgA First Class Murder227 viewsFeb 06, 2016 at 01:10 AM
21x16-000.jpg21x16 - Silent Night50 viewsFeb 06, 2016 at 01:10 AM
21x16-004.jpg21x16 - Silent Night7 viewsFeb 06, 2016 at 01:10 AM

Top rated
13H-011.jpg13 Hrs146 views1 comments10101010101010101010
(3 votes)
CS01x18-122.jpg01x18 - Regal Connection39 views10101010101010101010
(2 votes)
CS01x17-008.jpg01x17 - Mindbender70 views10101010101010101010
(2 votes)
NewTricks07x05-051.youtube07x05 - Good Morning Lemmings1475 viewsMore art discussion from Sir David10101010101010101010
(2 votes)
NewTricks07x05-227.youtube07x05 - Good Morning Lemmings416 viewsSir David is interrogated 1 comments10101010101010101010
(2 votes)

Most viewed
Manimal_DVD.jpgManimal - Front11823 viewsThanks Richard at Fabulous Films for this
TIYL-008.youtubeThis is Your Life: Susan George8161 viewsSimon put his bracelet where? ;)
TIYL-001.youtubeThis is Your Life: Susan George5503 viewsSusan's surprise
From_Simon-09sm.youtubeMessage to the Fans - 10 February 20092527 viewsThis is a short message from Simon to the fans filmed 10 February 2009 a larger version of this can be found here There is also an interview filmed at the same time which can be found here 3 comments
FC04x15-015.jpg04x15 - Vicious Circle1594 views

Last comments
M01x01-206.jpg01x01 - Manimal6 views1 comments04/22/14 at 15:44Uni: I own this prop!
FC04x09-066.jpg04x09 - The Trump Card801 views1 comments03/24/12 at 01:02Fabio: Ciao Simon
22x17-044.jpg(What's So Funny 'bout) Peace, Love And Understanding67 views1 comments03/11/12 at 21:13CLARE: Like a true star, he'll continue to shine.
22x17-042.jpg(What's So Funny 'bout) Peace, Love And Understanding85 views1 comments03/11/12 at 21:12CLARE: Brilliant photo, he looks so happy & healthy i...
17x07-071.jpg17x07 - Ties That Bind48 views1 comments11/05/11 at 12:52AiMsReM:

Albums with most votes
Spotlight1974.jpgSpotlight Book110 views1974 edition. This is a better quality image of the youngest picture we have of Simon. Photo taken 1972, Simon would have been 20Votes: 1
Hola004.jpgHola92 viewsOctober 7 1986 - Num 2798Votes: 1
H055.jpgHello186 views11 April 2011

Article can be found here
Votes: 1

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