Daily Mail – 13th February 2014

Daily Mail article on Simon’s memorial

He made thousands of fans over an acting career which spanned three decades, and it seemed his closest friends were keen to show the actor was still not far from their minds on Wednesday.

Friends and family of the late actor Simon MacCorkindale gathered at a remembrance service at the Actors Church, otherwise known as St Paul’s in Covent Garden to pay their respects to the talented actor.

Full article: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2558148/Twiggy-host-stars-come-remember-actor-Simon-MacCorkindale-church-memorial.html


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A memorial for Simon was held today at the Actors Church, St Paul’s in Covent Gardens. I was honoured to be invited and able to attend to represent Simon’s fans.

It was a very moving service with everyone in agreement at how approachable, kind, caring, hard-working and passionate Simon was and how he adored Susan.

A very fitting tribute to Simon.

Happy birthday Corky, you are still missed

Susan George Twitter/Facebook Photo

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Susan posted a photo of her and the MacCorkindales over Christmas on her Twitter and Facebook pages.

Lovely photo showing Simon’s mother, brother and nephews

classicfilmtvcafe.com – 5th August 2013

Susan George Chats with the Café about “Straw Dogs,” Her Arabians, and the Love of Her Life

Recent interview with Susan

I met my Simon for the very first time at a charity benefit and we became the best of friends for years after. So I married my soul mate and hand through life. He was a stunning-looking man, but the true essence of Simon was his heart, acres wide and full of jewels.

Full article: http://www.classicfilmtvcafe.com/2013/08/susan-george-chats-with-cafe-about.html

staystillreviews.blogspot.co.uk – 8th June 2013

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A small ‘Remembering Simon’ article, reminiscing about Jaws 3

Well one of the film’s leading actors, among a somewhat pretty impressive cast was Mr. Simon MacCorkindale who played the ever so handsome and dashing Philip FitzRoyce

Full article: http://staystillreviews.blogspot.co.uk/2013/06/remembering-simon-maccorkindale.html

Daily Mail, Weekend – 9th March 2013

Susan speaks again about loosing Simon and how she is coping with the loss

Everywhere around the house there are framed photos of her and Simon entwined in each other’s arms.

‘I feel as if it were only yesterday that he and I were sitting here together,’ she says. She stops and turns her head to gaze out of the window as her large blue eyes start to fill with tears.

Then, recovering her composure, she continues to talk about the loss of the love of her life. ‘I know Simon lives on with me in everything I do. I also know he’d never want it to be too much for me, because he had so much belief in me. Now my whole  purpose in life is to follow the dream  we both had. A lot of people expected  I wouldn’t carry on with the horses  after what happened. But I couldn’t stop.’

Full Article: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2289676/Susan-George-speaks-time-husband-Simon-MacCorkindale-lost-battle-cancer.html

Susan George Facebook Photo

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Susan posted a photo of Tenor MacCorkindale, Simon’s dog.  In one of our site interviews Simon called him human and you can see why.  Lovely eyes

Link to Facebook Photo

Voice Over Sample

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A sample of some of Simon’s voice-over work:


I can’t remember which site I got this from but I’ve searched and cannot find it online anymore

BBC America – 11th June 2012

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20 Sexiest British Celebs of Yesteryear

Simon and wife Susan both made BBC America’s list of 20 Sexiest British Celebs of Yesteryear

BBC America look at the sexiest Brits of days gone by, the stars with posh accents who have tempted us through the ages

Full article: http://www.bbcamerica.com/anglophenia/2012/06/the-brit-list-20-sexiest-british-celebs-of-all-time/2/

Read more…

Susan George Facebook Photo

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Susan’s Facebook photo showing, Susan, Simon, Dwina Gibb and Robin Gibb

Link to Facebook photo

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