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Random files - 2002 (v)
17x06-213.wmvWhat's Love Got To Do With It76 viewsHarry informs woman of her partners death
19x26-090.wmvBoy's Don't Cry103 viewsTess confides in Harry and Charlie about Sam's illness.
20x06-07.wmvSticks and Stones161 viewsHarry gets a phone call from Charlie.
17x09-265.wmv17x09 - Innocence96 viewsHarry toasts to Lara's return
19x11-074.wmvHorses For Courses172 viewsHarry and Selena test Guppy

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Series 17 (v)
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Series 19 (v)
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Random files - 2002 (v)
19x06-212.wmvA Life Lost113 viewsHarry treats patient just brought in
DoNation-06.wmvDonation - Something We Can Do90 viewsHarry winds up Lisa (from Holby City)
19x48-205.wmvTruth, Lies and Videotape244 viewsHarry tells Selena she has MRSA
18x22-071.wmvEmotional Rescue138 viewsLara tries to keep Harry and Simon awake in the caves
17x25-127.wmvDire Straits101 viewsHarry talks to an old friend who has been in an accident

Last viewed - 2002 (v)
17x01-259.wmvDeja Vu169 viewsHarry comforts NikkiJul 19, 2019 at 04:23 AM
16x37-052.youtube16x37 - Denial167 viewsHarry talks to Lara about her patientJul 18, 2019 at 03:08 PM
16x40-033.youtubeCode Red105 viewsHarry talks to Charlie about MaxJul 15, 2019 at 02:31 PM
18x33-160.youtubeLock Down123 viewsTess and Harry talkJul 15, 2019 at 10:31 AM
16x40-020.youtubeCode Red191 viewsHarry makes speech to departmentJul 13, 2019 at 08:11 AM

Top rated - 2002 (v)
20x37-226.youtubeSecrets and Lies305 viewsHarry tells Ellen that he will support her in a very sweet moment.10101010101010101010
(2 votes)
22x15-213.wmvBehind Closed Doors194 viewsHarry decides to be a git to Toby when he comes to withdraw his resignation10101010101010101010
(1 votes)
21x48-230.wmvTo Love You So258 viewsThe team led by Harry, deliver Selena's baby.10101010101010101010
(1 votes)
21x07-045.wmvWhat You See Is What You Get225 viewsHarry's not a happy bunny.1 comments10101010101010101010
(1 votes)
21x25-230.wmvThe Miracle Of Harry's Last Shift264 viewsTHE kiss (but ONLY if you're a H+S fan!)10101010101010101010
(1 votes)

Most viewed - 2002 (v)
19x46-072.wmvYou Need Friends632 viewsHarry gives Maggie a hard time because she has to go home to check on her father
20x16-13.wmvDo They Know It's Christmas390 viewsHarry writes his letter of resignation but is turned around by Ellen, and the two then share a passionate embrace.
21x06-235.wmvAngels and Demons374 viewsNathan has an announcement (Watch Harry when Nathan gets near Selena ;-) )1 comments
20x37-201.youtubeSecrets and Lies364 viewsHarry is shocked to find that Ellen is being treated in ED and he wasnt told about her.1 comments
20x12-08.wmvAnti-Social Behaviour333 viewsHarry and Ellen nearly kiss.

Last comments - 2002 (v)
16x37-258.youtube16x37 - Denial189 viewsDuffy and Lara argue, Harry tells Lara to take a break1 comments11/16/10 at 08:49AiMsReM: gorgeous!!!
16x37-275.youtube16x37 - Denial213 viewsHarry announces he has booked a table for everyone, so he can get to know them1 comments11/16/10 at 08:44AiMsReM: handsome Simon!
20x09a-02.wmvTeacher's Pet187 viewsTo quote Abs 'Get Harry, get Maggie, get everyone'1 comments11/09/08 at 01:55Anon: 'an ask for who, king arthur?' lol soooo f...
18x11-276.wmvFalling For A Friend207 viewsLara kisses Harry1 comments01/04/08 at 13:16Becky: Ah yes, the old sore looser of strip poker!
20x22-010.wmvIt's A Man Thing294 viewsHarry and Ellen get caught kissing by Bruno.1 comments11/26/07 at 13:15CLARE: "Boo" to Bruno and his smug look.