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Simon MacCorkindale

(Very) Mini Bio:

Simon MacCorkindale is a British actor who made his big break in Death on the Nile in the 1970’s.

Since then he as worked extensively in American, Canada and the UK on various film and TV projects.

In 1984 he married actress Susan George – they currently own an Arabian Stud farm called Georgian Arabians in Exmoor, England

Little factual bites on Simon’s career and life

(in no particular order!)

  • Simon MacCorkindale is a British actor who made his big break in Death on the Nile in the late 70’s
  • He has worked extensively and (almost) continuously in America, Canada and the UK on various film, TV and theatre projects
  • Not only does he act, but on various projects he’s been director, producer, writer and once even a composer
  • In 1984 he married actress and friend Susan George – They currently own an Arabian stud farm ‘Georgian Arabians‘ in Exmoor, UK
  • In 2008 Simon completed a 6 month tour in the UK in a production of Anthony Shaffer’s Sleuth.  A play that Simon has directed on several occasions during the early 80’s Hollywood theatre revival
  • Simon has a small but distinctive scar under his right eye, which he got in a cricket accident when he was 13. He has highlighted the scar and used it as part of his performance on several occasions as a trait of his character, most notably in Manions of America (I, shelliwood, have a slight unhealthy interest with this scar.  No, Really!)
  • Simon was born in Ely, Cambridgeshire on the 12th February 1952, which would make Simon an Aquarius
  • His full name is Simon Charles Pendered MacCorkindale. Pendered is his mother’s maiden name. It’s Scottish tradition to give the first born their mother’s maiden name as a middle name
  • His parents are Peter, a former RAF Pilot, and Gill. He has a younger brother Duncan, who is an accountant
  • Simon was petrified of dogs as a child/teenager according to one article
  • Simon appeared as Harry Harper in 234 episodes: 230 Casualty episodes including the DoNation episode and 4 Holby City episodes
  • Out of 237 episodes of Casualty Simon appears in 230: therefore Harry Harper didn’t appear in only 7 episodes in his 6 year run.  This doesn’t include the episodes Harry Harper was written out of the script (break down: S16 4 out of 4, S17 40 out of 40, S18 43 out of 46, s19 49 out of 49, S20 44 out of 47, S21 26 out of 27 and S22 24 out of 24)

This is a work in progress – will continue to update when I can

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