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Thought it was about time I had a ‘Thanks’ page – yes I do most of the work here myself but it wouldn’t be possible without some people.

Simon (Corky)

Without whom this site would not be possible, literally.  There is loads I have to thank him for but there’s not enough room to do it so, I’d just like to thank him for his patience and answering all my annoying questions, as you can imagine, I’ve had a LOT!  I’d also like to thank him for allowing us to run this as a Semi-Official site. Thanks for your continuing support

S – I hope that I’m doing things in a positive way for you – but feel free to give me a kick if I’m doing something wrong 😛


Susan (Mrs MacC)

Thank you for all you’ve done and your support in continuing this site.  Thanks for the header image as well.


Lonna and Celeste

Two people with much more ‘fandom’ experience and life experience than me.  Thank you for all your professional and personal advice, and generally keeping me grounded – it has been invaluable and I will always respect your opinions good or bad


To the following forum member for all their help

Moderators: Kerri, Lonna, sharon – thanks for your help and advice

For continuing help: Kathie – You suck! 😛

For past help: nikkibear, Becky, Bambino_Chicino, emmajk, Kirsty


The following eBay sellers – for all the rare items they’ve had for sale

Mark C (on and off ebay)

And to all our visitors who make this worth while

2 thoughts on “Thanks”

  1. Celeste says:

    You are more than welcome, Shelli. I may have provided a bit of moral support, but you did all the hard work. I know that Simon and his fans appreciate your dedication and creativity in keeping this wonderful community connected. (Even Kathie! hehe)

    You have my support and best wishes now and always.

    Much love,


  2. Kathie says:

    You’re welcome! And I resent the you suck comment! Hahaa

    But seriously, it’s been a pleasure to be part of your site. I’ve loved every minute of whatever it is I’ve contributed to [gathering Northern news or graphics]. Everyone here is so lovely which makes everything seem so worth while because everything you do is received with such thanks. It also makes me feel extremely guilty when I don’t upload the desktop wallpapers on time!! But that’s another story. Hee hee.

    Well done everyoneeeeeeeeeee, especially Shelli! I may suck, but you certainly rock!! Tee Hee.


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