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Frequently Asked Questions

Did Simon leave Casualty because of his illness, as mentioned in several newspapers

I can only answer this from what I know about Simon and it’s mostly and educated guess – tho I’m fairly sure I correct

I really don’t believe it to be true. When we did our first interview with Simon in very early 2007 which was before he found out he had terminal cancer he said he felt his time on Casualty was coming to an end.

I really don’t believe he left because of his illness, I feel he would have left when he did even if he didn’t find out how ill he was a few months later. I don’t like the way some of the articles have phrased it, as it makes him look like a quitter – which Simon isn’t

Newspapers are trying to sell and story and will write whatever will sell the most

Simon MacCorkindale has passed away/died?

Simon MacCorkindale passed away in a London Clinic on the 14th October 2010. This was announced publicly in the evening on 15th October 2010
If you wish to discuss this, or to leave a comment you can here http://www.simonmaccorkindale.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=1048

How is Simon MacCorkindale/ How is Simon MacCorkindale doing/ How well is Simon MacCorkindale/ Update on Simon MacCorkindale’s health

Simon MacCorkindale passed away in a London Clinic on the 14th October 2010. This was announced publicly in the evening on 15th October 2010

From the release of the news about illness in November 2009 there were no official updates on Simon’s health.

There were a few events Simon attended in 2010 and he looked well in the photos taken on those days.

What is Simon MacCorkindale currently doing?/ What is Simon MacCorkindale doing now?/ What happened to Simon MacCorkindale?

Simon MacCorkindale passed away in a London Clinic on the 14th October 2010. This was announced publicly in the evening of 15th October 2010

Some of his last projects were: In November 2009 Simon filmed a one of episode of New Tricks, it will be the 2nd episode of the new series. This aired on the 8th October 2010 and was Simon’s last TV role

During his Sound of Music Simon managed to film 2 minor roles in films:
One as a literary agent in the film A Closed Book which was shown at Cannes 2009
Click here to discuss and to find out more info about this production
In 13 Hrs Simon plays the father, Duncan.
Click here to discuss and to find out more info about this production
13 Hrs was Simon’s last film role

What’s the correct spelling Simon MacCorkindale’s surname?

Simon’s surname is spelt MacCorkindale.

I have seen others spell it in the following ways: McCorkindale (most common misspelling), MaCorkindale, Mcorkindale, McCorquodale (the original spelling of this name), MacCorkingdale, MaCorkingdale, McCorkingdale, Maccorandale, Mcorcindale, Mccorkendale, McKorkindale, Makorkindale, Mc’Corkindale, Mccormindale, Mccorkerdale, McCordindale, Mcaukindale, Mqcorkindale, Macorquindale, Mccorkindell!

I think that’s all of them will add more if I come across them

How old is Simon MacCorkindale?

Simon was born 12th February 1952 – he would have been 64 this year.  This also means his star sign is Aquarius

Simon was 58 when he passed away in 2010.

Where can I write to Simon MacCorkindale?/ What is Simon MacCorkindale’s address?/ What is Simon MacCorkindale’s agent’s address?

I’d suggest writing to Susan instead and tell her how awesome you thought her husband was.  Her fan mail address is:

Susan George
PO Box 55
Minehead, Somerset
TA24 7WA

When was Simon MacCorkindale in the Sound of Music

Simon appeared as Captain Von Trapp at the London Palladium from 25th August 2008 to 21st February 2009.

This was Simon’s first musical performance

On The Wright Stuff (26/09/2008) Simon MacCorkindale mentioned his ‘Fan Club’ had bought him an elephant, any details on this?

Yes, the members of this site adopted Simon an orphaned baby elephant for his birthday February 2008, with The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.

This is something we are planning to continue for both Simon and the members of this site for as long as possible – as Simon said ‘it’s our elephant’

Susan George has now taken over ‘ownership’ of this elephant and we will still continue to support him as he grows up

Where can I find DVDs on Counterstrike (Force de Frappe)?

Unfortunately this series has never been officially released on DVD, nor video. I hope that it does get released in the future as it is a very good series.  However Youtube seems to have a few episodes available

3 thoughts on “FAQ”

  1. Kathy says:

    I was very surprised to see that Simon had passed away had no clue he died. I met him in the movie dinosaur hunter ad my husband and I were extras in the movie. In fact there The Rare pictures of that movie on here that I had given to you lonna I hope I have your name right if not I apologize. My name is Kathy Gannon.

  2. shelliwood says:


    For a ‘Fan Club’ you can join our forum/community here and keep up to date with everything Simon. When we get any news I usually send an email to all members in case they haven’t been to the site recently to see for themselves

    Link to SMCFP Forum/Community

  3. Ingrid Gabriel says:

    Good Morning, Shelli (is it Shelli? or Shelliwood? or something completely different?)

    my name is Ingrid Gabriel, I’m living in Vienna – and therefore only have limited access to british
    broadcasting – right now BBC prime (my only source; sigh) graciously enough repeats episodes of Casualty with gorgeous AND
    talented Simon!! YAY! so I started to google and found your site. BRILLIANT site!!! Really Fanfabulous!!!
    Absolutely addictiv!

    Which means, now I want to join a Fanclub. Do you know how I could manage that? Is there a way of being on
    a list or receiving a fanletter in order to learn about Mr. MacCorkindale’s theatre work in advance?
    I’d absolutely love to see him on stage and realised while browsing your site I missed him by a hair’s
    breath (is that the correct phrase?) in his first musical. grrrr to me!!

    so to never make that mistake again… fanclub! Can you help me?
    thank you so much
    love from Vienna

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