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Simon MacCorkindale as Joe Kapp in QuatermassSimon MacCorkindale

A few months a ago, Simon MacCorkindale, 27, was voted the most promising new comer for his performances in Death On The Nile and Riddle Of The Sands. The success clearly thrilled him but left him pondering on how to keep on top

“Talent is in the eye of the beholder. I’ve been very lucky and had a lot of breaks, but I still feel it’s no harder to be a success than to be a failure because there are no rules for finding success. You have to make them yourself and be rational. And then you find remaining there is almost harder than getting there.”

“For whatever sort of success you’re aiming at, you have to keep a good account of yourself and keep it in perspective. For example a super-star might have 40 million fans but there will be at least 40 million people who don’t like him or her!”

“You can be successful without being a success. It’s a question of where you draw the line. It’s fine being a public success but the actual success is in you.”

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