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Secret Mission Accomplished

Simon MacCorkindale, who stars in Jaws 3, is still living out a love story with his actress wife Susan George. The pair have also gone into partnership, he as producer, she as executive producer, to put another love story on screen. Stealing Heaven, which was filmed recently in Yugoslavia, tells the tale of the legendary medieval romance between Heloise and a celibate monk called Abelard. It is the result of plans that MacCorkindale started in the early Eighties. When he left Britain for America – and, ultimately, the TV series Falcon Crest – six years ago, he was a man with a secret mission; to get together the expertise and money to return and set up film projects here. ‘I just got frustrated at not being in control of my own destiny,’ he says. ‘Now, at least I will know I’m giving a project my all.’

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