Simon Says – Issue 2 – Part 7 of 9

Facts and Answers

How long have you been in the U.S.

I have been in the U.S. since February 1981, thought I visited off and on for two years prior to that.  I am glad to be in America and delighted so many Americans seem to like my work.


What do you miss most about England?

My Family. (Parents, Jill and Peter MacCorkindale, and brother, Duncan.  Duncan, an accountant, is two years eight months younger than Simon.)

What is your middle name?

My full name is Simon Charles Pendered MacCorkindale.  (Simon wears a gold signet on his right pinky with all four initials woven together) Pendered is my mother’s maiden name, a common practice in the UK for the eldest son to have the mother’s family name included in his.  MacCorkindale is part of the MacLeod clan in the Isle of Lewis, Scotland, and the family motto is “Hold Fast”.  The Pendered motto is “Nosce Teipsum” or “Know Thyself”.


Is there any other profession you might have entered into had you not chosen acting and directing?

I love music, particularly opera, and I used to play the orchestral drums.  I would have loved to have been an orchestral conductor or operatic tenor.


How do you stay in shape for all your action roles?

I keep fit by not overeating, running, general exercise and lifting weights occasionally


What are your favourite food and beverages?

Good food is my favorite food!  French or Japanese when I go out, simple home cooking when I stay in.  I pretty much like everything or anything and have never been faddy at all, certainly not a vegetarian.  I drink a lot of milk, tea and coffee, with no real preference, and enjoy juices. (Simon has been seen eating Big Mac hamburgers smother in Thousand Island dressing)


What are your career goals?

To keep working and hopefully to act and produce, or direct and produce my own projects.


In music other than classical or opera, what are your favorite songs?

Moving ballads tend to be my preference, “Memories”, “Evergreen”, “What I Did for Love”, etc.


Was there a nickname for the mechanical shark in Jaws 3D?

In this movie we have two – “Little Jaws” and “Big Jaws”.  Imaginative!


In FALCON’S GOLD you did several fight scenes, as well as some, shall we say, “revealing” love scenes.  Which are harder to do, fight scenes or love scenes?

I would say it’s harder to do fight scenes because they require so much rehearsal, preparation, care, fitness, etc. Camera angles are crucial as well as timing, to make them look authentic.

Love scenes are difficult because of the mechanics.  It’s all very clinical, particularly if certain parts of the anatomy have to avoid the camera.  They are also difficult because you have to get just the right balance of sex and sensitivity, so that they don’t offend and yet remain attractive and erotic.  Interesting stuff!


Did you do all your own fight scenes and the stunts in FALCON’S GOLD?  How about the “hanging from a helicopter”?

I did aall the fights myself and there was absolutely no trick photography.  Yes, I did do the helicopter stunt.  It was quite exhilarating!


We know you’ve met the Queen of England.  Have you ever met Prince Charles or Lady Di?

No, I haven’t met either.


Do you speak Spanish or any other languages?

I don’t speak Spanish.  French, German and a little touch of Russian, but no Spanish


Who, in your estimation, is the best director you have worked with so far?

The best director I have worked with was John Guillermin on “NILE”.  In TV, Joe Sargent (episode I of MANIONS) was also excellent.


Do you screen test for your roles, or how do they come to you?

Most movie roles come to me through my agent and manager.  I normally meet with the producer and director, sometimes read for them or even test, thought every time seems to have a different pattern.


In Florida, we heard that your regular mode of transportation was a “Rent A Wreck” car.  What kind was it and why did you do it?

It was an old Plymouth Fury convertible, like an old boat! (He called it the “Beast”) Why, did I do it? Oh, I did it just to have something different from the usual car hire.

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