Simon Says – Issue 2 – Part 9 of 9

More Mayhem – Danger on the “JAWS ” Set

It seems that Simon faces mayhem no matter where he goes.  Recently, while filming Jaws-3D in Orlando, FL, he had a slight mishap.  Simon’s character, Philip Fitzroyce, is very much the daredevil photographer.  He seems to thrive on thinking up dangerous ways to get the required shots and camera angles, often using very dangerous and acrobatic methods.  Simon, in character as Philip, had planned an unique way to photograph Shamu the killer whale.  Shamu would be leaping high out of the water, while at the same time allowing his trainer to jump off a platform onto his nose, whale and trainer completing the dive together.  With a rope tied around him for safety, Simon/Philip planned to get the shot by coming up behind the trainer on the platform and then leaning way over the edge, while his partner, Jack, (P.H. Morairty) pulled the rope taut to keep him from falling over.  (The best laid plans of mice and men!) 

What actually happened next we call Simon’s “unplanned stunt”.  The trainer, very wet from climbing in and out of the warter, had left wet footprints all across the platform.  When Simon quickly moved forward and leaned over to get the shot his feet slipped out from under him and he fell farther over the edge than planned.  He ended up hanging by the rope with one leg wrapped up over the platform, still in character, however, holding onto his camera as if shooting a piece of film.

His only comment was, “It actually worked out better than what I had planned.”

We don’t know yet if this bit of film will find it’s way into the movie, but we’ll all be watching for it none-the less.

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