Simon Says – Issue 3 – Part 3 of 5

Manimal to Become A Series

Congratulations to Simon.  His pilot movie, Manimal, was picked up by NBC to become a regular fall series.  He is signed to do thirteen episodes (12 plus the pilot), which will air in the former Knight Rider time slot on Friday nights.  Michael Knight and Kit are moving to Sunday nights.  We wish Simon much success with his very own TV series.

Don’t forget, Simon will need out letters of support as soon as Manimal airs in later September.  Send many cards and letters to: *snip*

Also, even though fan letters will reach him faster through the club, please write to him occasionally also in care of NBC. *snip*

In addition, remembering the long hours and demanding pressures of the series will put on Simon, it is important to let him know how much we really enjoy seeing him on TV every week.  It’s so much more fun for us to be able to see him so often, instead of having to wait six months or longer between movies.  So please, members, let him know how much he is appreciated

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