TV Guide (US) – August 4th 1984

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The Envelope, Please!

(Manimal Article)

Simon MacCorkindale as Jonathan Chase in Manimal

Apparently, every dog will have its day. Even Manimal, NBC’s late, unlamented adventure-drama about a crimebuster who could turn himself into various beasts at will. Some of those beasts have won Patsy Awards, given annually by the American Humane Association to non-human actors. Among the winners: leopards Dodger and Ivory; and Merlin, the hawk who doubled for series star Simon MacCorkindale (above) in his flightier moods. NBC had no comment. However, a spokesman for 20th Century Fox, which produced the series, did offer this: “We’re glad to get any recognition we can for the show. But we don’t think animal lovers will beat down NBC’s doors to get it back on the air.”

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