SMCFP On This Day: Falcon Crest – Going Once, Going Twice

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Series: Falcon Crest
Episode: S4Ep11 – Going Once, Going Twice
First Aired: 7 December 1984
Character: Greg Reardon

Description: Julia is taken to Reibmann’s estate, where she is locked in a room which looks like a hospital room. She is told by a nurse that Lucas has been arrested for hiding a criminal. When the television is turned on she sees a news report which covers her arrest. Julia wonders how anyone knew she survived the fire. She becomes upset when a doctor tells her Angela found out she was calling Emma and turned her in. Reibmann who has been watching from behind a two-way mirror is pleased with Julia’s reaction. Angela isn’t happy when she finds out that Francesca has left and that the agreement is missing as well. Chase is determined to see Angela brought to justice for trying to frame him for causing the accident. Terry pulls a gun on Joel after he wants more money from her. The judge decides that Francesca is entitled to a third of Falcon Crest and orders a redistribution of all the company’s land. Francesca decides to return to Italy and announces she will sell her share to the highest bidder. Reibmann ends up being the highest bidder but Francesca ends up deciding not sell to him as he is stranger. Angela is shocked when she finds out that Francesca is selling her share to Richard


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