SMCFP On This Day: Counterstrike – The Beginning

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Series: Counterstrike
Episode: S1Ep14 – The Beginning
First Aired: 10 November 1990
Character: Peter Sinclair

Description: Chantal Addington, a millionaire’s wife, is abducted and later killed by terrorists. Alexander Addington, the widower, forms a special unit to deal with this kind of crimes. Alexander Addington had achieved everything that you can achieve: wealth, power, a loving wife and a charming daughter. Yet a fate blow changed his entire life: His wife Chantal becomes victim of a terrorist attack, she is abducted and Alexander shot on his leg. In order to find his wife again, he hires the best man recommended for the job: Peter Sinclair of Scotland Yard. Yet in spite of all their efforts, both men cannot save Chantal’s life – hindered through the conventional procedure of the police -. Thereupon Alexander concludes he’s going to dedicate his life of the worldwide fight of crime by assembling the elite force ‘Counterstrike’ led by Sinclair.

Although this is mid series, this can be considered the first episode as it shows the back story for all the characters and how they came together


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