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Series: Counterstrike
Episode: S1Ep17 – Mindbender
First Aired: 1 December 1990
Character: Peter Sinclair

Description: Luke is abducted by Sukova, a Soviet major, and his allies and is subjected to brainwashing. They program Luke so that he turns into a murderer for them and they can monitor him with a high frequency-sound. As he appears without explanation with the team again, Peter and Nikki suspect that something is not in order. They persuade Luke to undergo a psychological test in the hospital. However there he is caught by one of Sukova’s henchmen. When Luke turns up at an UN-summit conference, Nikki discovers that he has been given the job to murder President Gorbachov.

Quotes: May contain spoilers

  • Take your pick. A badge or money (Re: someone asks Peter ‘Who wants to know’)


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