SMCFP On This Day: Counterstrike – The Millerton Papers

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Series: Counterstrike
Episode: S1Ep21 – The Millerton Papers
First Aired: 19 January 1991
Character: Peter Sinclair

Description: Nikki accidentally meets her old flame Jason Denver, who is pursued by murderers because of a petty theft, again by chance. Nikki considers it the best returning the goods to the owner, millionaire toy manufacturer Bernard Millerton, As Nikki vanishes with Jason, Peter is highly concerned about them. Luke holds the suspicion that Peter is interested in Nikki not only on purely amicable terms and is accused of being jealous. Peter admits nothing yet but asks Luke and J.J. to pay attention to Nikki. The puzzle begins to come off, as the team discovers that Millerton buys stolen military plans in order to gain a foothold in military model market.


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