TV Guide (Can) – 11-17 December 1993

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Simon MacCorkindale as Peter Sinclair in CounterstrikeTeacher’s Pet

In this week’s Counterstrike (Saturday on CTV), Simon MacCorkindale played coach to rocker and neophyte actress Latoya Jackson—a bit of “stunt casting” that works, says MacCorkindale, because her role was tailored to her “extraordinary look” and “natural abilities.” In the show, Jackson (left, with MacCorkindale) plays a fashion maven with deadly designs on her models for the most bloodcurdling of reasons. “It’s a weird,  off-the-wall” episode, MacCorkindale admits, but Jackson “pitched right into it. She listened and watched, and she learned very quickly. I’ve seen a lot of people who’ve been in the business for years who didn’t have the relaxation and the wit to learn the technique as quickly as she did.”

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