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Action-adventure series is a must-see

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Counterstrike, a hit series about billionaire industrialist Alexander Addington (Christopher Plummer) whose passion for justice is implemented by a three-member strike team.

Plummer is a film and theatre legend. He has starred and costarred in over 40 feature films, including The Sound of Music, The Man Who Would Be King, The Return of The Pink Panther and Star Trek VI.

As Addington on Counterstrike, he formed his strike team after his wife was kidnapped by an international terrorist organization.

The search for her proved unsuccessful. Nevertheless, he vowed that behind the cover of his financial empire, he would help eliminate criminals who currently find sanctuary in the cracks between existing law enforcement organizations.

Leading the strike team is Peter Sinclair (Simon MacCorkindale) – featured on this week’s cover.

Sinclair, a former Scotland Yard inspector – the youngest in the history of the Yard – is also a legendary hostage negotiator.

MacCorkindale made his stage debut at age eight. From this humble beginning, his love for theatre was born. During the next nine years he wrote, produced, directed and/or acted in some 25 productions at school and with local groups.

Upon leaving high school he was accepted as a drama student at Studio 68 of Theatre Arts in London, England. And, as luck would have it, by the end of his first year he was signed to play a leading role in George Bernard Shaw’s The Dark Lady of the Sonnets.

After a number of appearances in the regional theatres in England, he made his West End debut in the highly-acclaimed 1974 production of Pygmalion.

His international debut came when he starred as Lucius in Franco Zeffirelli’s production of Jesus of Nazareth. MacCorkindale’s film credits include Jaws 3, The Sword and the Sorcerer Cabo Blanco and The Quatermass Conclusion.

In 1987, MacCorkindale and his wife, Susan George, formed their own production company, Amy International. He continues to operate this company, while developing and writing screenplays.

Joining MacCorkindale on his Counterstrike team are Sophie Michaud (Gabrielle Germont) and James Purcell (Hector Stone).

Michaud plays a world-renowned investigative journalist. Purcell’s character is an ex-Navy Seal and ex-CIA agent who would rather die than jeopardize a mission.

As a team, the trio heightens suspense while combating injustice and corruption on a global scale.

Highlights this season included Bastille Day Terror and Skin Deep.  During the Bastille episode, the Counterstrike team learned that a small and highly mobile tactical nuclear-tipped missile was missing from the arsenals of the former Soviet Union. It was stolen by a former Russian diplomatic attache and brokered to his beautiful fiancee, Monica Steile (Brigitte Nielsen). She was an ex-KGB spy who wanted the missile delivered to one of her former clients, an arms dealer. However, her true loyalties were with the fairer sex, and Monica shot both her fiance and client, and headed for the Seine with her missile, her lesbian lover and her hostage, Peter Sinclair.

During the Skin Deep episode, tribal rhythm and exotic costumes marked the spectacular release of fashion designer Sandrine Carter’s (Latoya Jackson) newest line. But, Sandrine’s star model was found in a park with a gaping hole where her heart used to be. A second body was also found and the Counter-strike team searched for a voodoo killer.

If you haven’t already guessed, there’s never a dull moment on Counterstrike – it’s definitely a must-see series.


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