SMCFP On This Day: La Femme Nikita – Charity

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Series: La Femme Nikita
Episode: Charity
First Aired: 3 February 1997
Character: Alec Chandler

Description: During a routine assignment, Nikita saves an attractive man, Alec Chandler, from being hit by a car. When he asks her on a date, she declines but gives him information about where she works so he can send her a present.

Quotes: May contain spoilers

  • Actually George comes from downtown, I pay him extra for the phony accent
  • No, no I don’t sell them all, some are even gifts, call it customer relations (re: selling children)
  • And you’re ugly. Let’s cut the pleasantries, this weather is playing havoc with my shoes
  • No! That wasn’t a request little fella, that was an order


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