Inside Soap – 21st June 2002

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New A&E consultant Harry Harper realises that he is going to be in for a rough ride with headstrong Lara Stone this fortnight. Lara has several run-ins with bullying Detective Inspector David Collier until finally, Harry is forced to reprimand her for her unprofessional manner.

“Harry picks up very quickly that Lara is a little fragile,” reveals Simon MacCorkindale, who plays the new recruit. “He doesn’t question her skills as a doctor but he feels that she can get a little too emotionally involved with the patients.”

While Harry and Lara clash, Simon is happily settling into his new role, where he is set to play the doctor for the foreseeable future.

“Harry’s a great character,” reveals Simon. “He’s a bit of a super doctor. He is also a family man and has five children but he still has an eye for a pretty girl! I like him a lot.”

Simon has a wealth of acting experience including the US soap Falcon Crest and hit films such as Death On The Nile. He admits that it was daunting to join such a close cast but he laughingly explains that some real-life experiences have helped him to adapt to the hospital environment.
“Being an outdoors person, I have spent a lot of time in A&E over the years with various war wounds!”

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