TV Guide (US) – 20-26 July 2002

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50 Worst Shows Of All Time

15th – Manimal

NBC, September 30, 1983 – December 31, 1983

Thought you saw a puddy-tat? So did everyone else who watched Manimal, an astonishingly silly, unintentionally hilarious crime series that starred Simon MacCorkindale as Jonathon Chase a scientist who discovered “the secrets that divide man from animal.” Able to transform into the beast of his choosing, Chase helped the NYPD battle bad guys even though he looks like a “Cats” understudy.

Shelli: OK it wasn’t about Simon as such but I thought it was funny, despite this article I still enjoyed the series, but then I do have a habit of watching TV shows that get cancelled early (She Wolf Of London, Tarzan, Space: Above and Beyond, Strange Luck etc etc)

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