SMCFP On This Day: Casualty – Flight

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Series: Casualty
Episode: S17Ep21 – Flight
First Aired: 1 February 2003
Character: Harry Harper

Description: Duffy’s intended, Ryan, is obviously a wrong ‘un and yet everybody is wishing her well as she leaves Holby to set up home and a business with him. Receptionist Jack’s foray into his gangster dad’s twilight world forces him to make a big decision. Elsewhere, Harry and Beth’s relaxing sailing trip becomes a rescue mission when he spots another vessel in distress, which turns out to be packed with illegal immigrants from Kosovo. But not all of them are as helpless as they appear… The police close in on Jack

Quotes: May contain spoilers

  •  Conversation between Charlie and Duffy: ‘What happened?’, ‘Harry’s had a day off, that’s what’s happened’.


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