SMCFP On This Day: Casualty – Ahead of the Game

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Series: Casualty
Episode: S18Ep18 – Ahead of the Game
First Aired: 3 January 2004
Character: Harry Harper

Description: Bex has lost her makeup bag and thinks someone must have stolen it from her car. She talks to a Colin Evans from security and asks him to look at the CCTV tapes, but he thinks it is far too much work, especially since it is only makeup and Bex not even is sure it was stolen from the car, because she had not locked the car. He says that there is a whole box full of tapes and it would take him all day to look though all of them. Bex is slowly getting annoyed and simply takes the box from him and walks away with it, planning to watch them herself. All day she is watching the tapes while working, but instead of finding out what happened to her makeup bag she finds something more interesting – one of the CCTV tape shows Luke and Lara’s intimate relations on hospital property. Bex gathers everyone in the staff room and puts the tape on, but as they are watching it Lara walks into the staff room, shocked to find out they had been taped. Lara tells Luke about it, but he seems to think it is quite funny and simply says that Bex must be short of money and probably was selling tickets to everyone. At the end of the day Colin gets the tape back and takes it to Harry, saying that he should watch it. Harry has a word with Lara and angry, he accuses Lara of breaching her contract. Though embarrassed, Lara plays the jealousy card and judging from Harry’s reaction, she seems not to have been far from the truth.


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