SMCFP On This Day: Casualty – World Gone Wrong: Part 1

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Series: Casualty
Episode: S18Ep37 – World Gone Wrong: Part 1
First Aired: 29 May 2004
Character: Harry Harper

Description: Lara, Nikki and Josh find themselves taken hostage when they are called to a scene which they enter only to find that a couple of bank robbers need help. As the two armed robbers do a runner they take Nikki and Lara with them as hostages. After driving off in the ambulance, Nikki and Lara are tied up in the back before they stop at a multi-storey car park. With the police catching up to them one of the robbers takes one of the hostages out of the ambulance to show they will shoot. However it takes an unexpected twist when the hostage is pushed off. But who is it Nikki or Lara and will they survive?


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