SMCFP On This Day: Casualty – And the Bride Wore Red

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Series: Casualty
Episode: S18Ep41 – And the Bride Wore Red
First Aired: 24 July 2004
Character: Harry Harper

Description: New technician Nina Farr arrives on the job but riles Comfort up the wrong way straight away. Things take a worse turn when she’s called to a shout – not knowing that it’s her boss Josh whose ceiling has caved in after leaving the bath on – and treats Josh with little respect. Will Nina be able to get past her terrible first day? Meanwhile Josh’s date with Caroline doesn’t go as planned and Lara takes desperate measures to make sure Harry doesn’t accept Simon’s resignation

Quotes: May contain spoilers

  • God help you (Re: Lara tells Harry she is going to marry Simon)
  • Learn the guitar, stand on the street corner and sing stand by your man
  • So you weren’t blackmailing me then, but you are now?


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