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Series: Casualty
Episode: S18Ep43 – Inside Out
First Aired: 7 August 2004
Character: Harry Harper

Description: Simon & Lara announce their wedding date. Comfort tells Josh about Nina breaking the rules & Josh confronts her. Simon gets angry at the way Harry is overseeing him and turns to drugs. Harry surprised how soon Simon & Lara getting married, Abs surprised to be asked to be best man. Nina ignores instructions at an incident & nearly causes explosion. A disfigured elderly casualty of bus crash dies with her husband holding her hand, but then she walks into casualty, it was the woman who stole her handbag who died. Also in the bus crash is champion slimmer who turns out to be using tapeworms to lose weight. Abs helps suicidal man suffering from depression, it’s being caused by calcium deficiency which can be treated. Bex tries to ask Luke out, but is rebuked. On his first day back, Simon feels the pressure & uses his secret stash of pills after being sidelined by Harry. Lara is furious with Simon


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