Inside Soap – 17-23 September 2005

Loose Lips – The Stars . . . In Their Own Words

Simon MacCorkindale

“I feel my time as as actor and leading man is now”

At the grand old age of 53, Simon is more content than ever with his impressive acting career.


“They put us up against Dallas on a Friday night. It was suicide!”

One of Simon’s most bizarre roles was as a professor with the power to turn into animals. Sadly, Manimal was axed after three months in 1983!


“The farm provides us with two contrasting lifestyles – it’s restful after a hectic day”

The actor and his wife, Susan, Live on a large farm in Exmoor, Devon where they breed Georgian Arabian horses.


Simon MacCorkindale as Greg Readon in Falcon Crest

“I like and respect everyone, including the crew”

Simon joined the cast of Casualty as Harry Harper in 2002, and has no complaints about the people he works with.


“I was never a soap fan!

Really, Simon? We’re sure we spotted you playing Greg Reardon in US soap Falcon Crest between 1984 and 1986!


Simon MacCorkindale and Fiona Fullerton“It was a failure, and that bothers me – I should’ve seen it through longer”

Simon’s first marriage to Bond girl Fiona Fullerton ended after only five years when he left for Hollywood in 1981.

Simon MacCorkindale and Susan George


“I didn’t want to fall in love, but she was a breath of fresh air”

Simon was good friends with actress Susan George before the couple realised the depth of their feelings and married in 1984.


“You don’t realise the enormous responsibility you have as an actor”

Simon is still astounded that people recognise him – from many different shows – after being in the business for over 25 years.

Simon MacCorkindale as Simon Doyle in Death on The Nile


“It was the highlight of my career – but every job is special”

Starring alongside David Niven and Maggie Smith in Death On The Nile was an amazing experience for the then 26-year-old actor

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