Unknown – 31st January 2006

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Shock news for Harry

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Consultant Harry Harper seems to have the weight heavily on his shoulders at the moment. Facing constant battles with Corporate Manager Nathan which nearly led him to resign, the stress of his SHO Guppy blaming him for his father’s suicide and fed up with being the subject of hospital gossip after staff found out about his brief affair with nurse Ellen.

But as if things don’t get worse for the Consultant, Ellen drops a bombshell on him this week and he initially doesn’t take things well.

‘The split was down to the pressure on him by senior staff members,’ explains Simon MacCorkindale, who plays him. ‘They felt that the relationship was inappropriate because of him being in such a higher position to her.

‘He just feels as though the relationship compromises both of them and it therefore should have no future’

Since the break up, Harry has been desperate to avoid a confrontation with the nurse, but as the day wears on, Ellen and Harry find themselves caught up in an emotional case, which finally gets the pair talking.

Harry has to give instructions over the phone to Robbie, a boy whose mum has gone into labour following a car crash. but although the baby arrives safely, tragedy strikes when Robbie is mown down by a police car sent out to assist him. He’s rushed to Holby ED, where Ellen and Harry battle to save his life.

The events soften Harry up and he relents in agreeing to discuss their relationship in his office. Ellen sees the opportunity to break the news that she’s pregnant.

‘When Ellen tells him she’s pregnant, he doesn’t believe her,’ explains Simon. ‘He knows she wants to get back with him and thinks it’s another one of her ploys.’

Ellen is crushed when he cold-heartedly asks her to prove that she’s pregnant and ends up slapping him round the face before storming out.

So does Ellen face motherhood alone or will widowed, father-of-five, Harry come round to the news? ‘When he discovers she’s telling the truth he responds in a very caring and considerate way. He wants to do all the right things and she wants to have the baby’ concludes Simon.

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