TV Choice – 8-14th March 2008

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Simon MacCorkindale as Harry Harper in CasualtyFarewell Harry

Having handed Ruth’s diary to the press, Harry prepares to hang up his stethoscope

This week, as Ruth lies in a coma, the truth behind the juniors doctor’s suicide attempt is all over the papers. By leaking her diary, Harry has plunged Holby City into the media spotlight, forfeiting his future as a senior consultant.

‘Harry feels it’s in the best interest of all young doctors for Ruth’s diary to be printed,’ says actor Simon MacCorkindale. ‘It’ll make the public and the NHS fully aware of all the pressure.’

The actor believes Harry had no choice but to take the moral high ground, even if it results in him losing his job.

‘Harry feels responsible that he didn’t see Ruth’s attempted suicide coming,’ explains Simon.

‘He wants to take on the system as well, but he hasn’t got enough hours or physical strength to do it, which is why he feels Ruth ended up in this position. He was too bust to spot that she was on the edge,’

Simon, who’s married to actress Susan George, took a break from the show last year, when Harry left to be an MP, so he’s delighted the door has been left open for Harry’s return.

‘I’ve been given the opportunity to do a play,’ reveals Simon. ‘Although returning to Casualty isn’t part of my plan, if there was a sudden reason for Harry to come back, I wouldn’t rule it out.’

Simon may be saying goodbye to Harry, but it will be hard for him to shake of his medical persona.

‘I’ve been into a few hospitals and people have started nodding at me as if I’m a member of the staff,’ laughs Simon.

‘There’s no question that I can converse more fully with a senior consultant than I could six years ago before Casualty!’

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