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The timeless family classic, The Sound Of Music, continues to delight audiences in this lavish production at the legendary London Palladium.

Summer Strallen as Maria is now joined by TV star Simon MacCorkindale as Captain von Trapp. Simon, best known recently for his starring role as Harry Harper in BBC’s Casualty, has taken time out of his busy schedule to answer some questions about the show and his career.


How are you enjoying your time in The Sound Of Music?
Loving every minute. It’s such a classy show with a real feel good factor and some touching life messages.


What similar traits do you share with Captain von Trapp?
I come from a service background and understand discipline and loyalty.


You have appeared in several Agatha Christie’s “Death on the Nile” and more recently “The Unexpected Guest”, are you a fan?
Actually not especially. The association is one more of chance that choice. Though she was a very clever master of plotting. A good story is everything.

Have you a preference between directing, acting or producing?
No, I’m greedy. I like to move backwards and forwards between each. Producing has a certain philanthropic aspect, which pleases me but it’s hard, relentless work. Acting brings great excitement for often being live and getting an immediate feedback from an audience, and directing allows me to work with actors (who I love) in a different way – helping and guiding them through a practical understanding of their art.


How are you finding performing in a musical 8 shows a week?
I love performing daily and have never found it a strain. With the musical you just have to be more disciplined with your voice. I try to turn off the rest of my life about 2 hours before the show – to eat, rest and generally change tempo.


Apart from appearing in The Sound of Music, what would be your dream role?
I have never hankered after a particular role. I am just happy and ready to attack what is offered.


What made you call your production company “Amy International”?
Amy was my wife’s character name in her famous film “Straw Dogs”. It seemed a fitting memory to her role.


Having been devoured by a 35 foot shark does anything scare you?
Fortunately not much. I never liked snakes much but learnt to manage them. I think crocodiles and alligators would be my big fear. I don’t even like them in a zoo.


Which was your favorite Manimal episode?
The “Kung Fu” episode set in Chinatown. I felt it best captured the ethos and character of Jonathan Chase.

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