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In a couple of weeks The Simon MacCorkindale Fan Page celebrates its 10th birthday, now I don’t have much new to offer, however, I thought it would be good to do a bit of a retrospective of Simon’s career.

So starting the 17th of April we will look at what Simon has done on that day in previous years. This will cover almost everything Simon has been in however there are something’s I’ve not been able to find a date for.

So for our 10th Birthday I’m (hopefully) bringing you a year of Simon, this will be a challenge for me as well so hopefully I can live up to it.

Please see our Twitter and Facebook pages to keep up with the posts as we go through each day, and you will shortly be able to see all the years posts here.

What our year will look like, click for a bigger image.  Some very full days and some empty ones:

Year of Simon MacCorkindale

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