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Teletext – August 2008

Whistling, dancing and singing are the challenges facing ex-Casualty star Simon MacCorkindale’s musical debut as Capt Von Trapp in The Sound Of Music.

He says: “They say it’s good to scare yourself from time to time and I’m going through that process.

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Teletext – September 2002

It’s no casual contract

CASUALTY star Simon MacCorkindale has shown his commitment to the BBC by signing a three-year contract with its hit hospital drama.

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The dashing actor, 50, veteran of long-running US shows such as Falcon Crest, joined the show as caring consultant Harry Harper earlier this year and he says: “It is a big commitment. It is very intensive – we work 49 weeks a year.

“I was worried about the balance of my life and I am still a bit worried but I knew what I was doing. I have been in TV from a young age.”

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