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SMCFP On This Day: Queen of Swords – Runaways


Series: Queen of Swords
Episode: S1Ep15 – Runaways
First Aired: 23 February 2001
Character: Captain Charles Wentworth

Description: Two slaves, Agatha and Jeffrey, assisted by Camilla, the wife of a sadistic English sea captain, escape to shore. Camilla goes on to Santa Helena to seek help from Colonel Montoya. Montoya gets involved seeking to turn the situation to his advantage in obtaining a cannon. Dr Helm discovers the captain’s wife was his bride to be. Camilla has no intention of going back to her husband but rekindles her love with Dr Helm. The Queen has to step in to save first Dr Helm and then Camilla so they can be reunited. Stars Simon MacCorkindale, Amanda Batty, Yasmin Bannerman.

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