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Film Review – May 1989

Susan George

The sex symbol turns movie mogul

(Mainly a Susan George article)

Actress Susan George has been ‘grown up’ for quite a few years now. Yet, despite the fact that she is happily married (to actor Simon MacCorkindale), and has matured into a well-known leading lady, many still associate her with her sexpot image of the late sixties.

Old images always seem to die hard, yet recently Ms. George has embarked on a new career, that of a producer with her own company, Amy International (named after the character she played in Straw Dogs).

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Film Review – January 1984

Simon MacCorkindale as Philip FitzRoyce in Jaws 3LIFE’S FAR FROM SIMPLE FOR SIMON

IAIN F. McASH interviews SIMON MacCORKINDALE, a star of ‘JAWS 3-D’, who hasn’t stopped working since he went to Hollywood three years ago

Husky British actor Simon MacCorkindale denies he has any affinity for sharks, yet admits that the voracious creatures have loomed large in his flourishing career these past twelve months.

He stars in Jaws 3-D which opens in Britain in time for Christmas, and he has the name part in a new American tv series called “Manimal” as a crime-busting professor with the advantage of being able to catch the bad guys by transforming himself at will into a panther, snake, bird – or even a shark!

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Film Review – December 1981

Simon MacCorkindaleI Don’t Wait For The Phone To Ring

Says Simon MacCorkindale who believes in making things happen himself. And happening they are – in America.

Simon MacCorkindale breezed into the London hotel where we’d arranged to meet. He was dressed in a navy blazer, open-neck shirt and pale blue trousers, apparently oblivious to the cold and rain outside.

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Film Review – February 1979


plays an impoverished young man who marries a heiress (Lois Chiles) who is murdered. “What you learn from such a magnificent cast as ours,” he says, “is discipline. When, for instance, Bette Davis turns up much earlier than her call, I reckon that’s the way to behave. I’m sure I learned a lot through osmosis; perhaps in years to come I might re-create a Ustinov-ism or a Bette Davis-ism without realising it.” Death On The Nile marks Simon’s major film debut. He’s since made The Riddle Of The Sands with Michael York.


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