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SMCFP On This Day: At the Midnight Hour

ATMH-078Film: At the Midnight Hour
First Aired: 29 October 1995
Character: Richard Keaton

Description: Wealthy widower Richard Keaton engages young widow Elizabeth ‘Liz’ Guinness as the 4th consecutive nanny for his pre-teen, equally science-devoted son Andrew, with instructions to disturb neither. She learns of mother Alycia’s fatal fall, an official suicide but was probably murder. Dad keeps Andy at a distance, so he draws towards Liz. Real danger starts when Richard’s brother, novelist Blain, arrives with his friend Jillian, to sell the ancestral estate against Richard’s will.

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TV Guide – 30th September to 6th October 1995


Harlequin novels sell like hotcakes, but do they make good TV-movies? Oh yes, whew, yes indeed. All you have to do is lie back and let yourself enjoy them

“He’s over there,” they said, pointing past a priceless Darracq touring car toward the massive Rosedale mansion surrounded by summer gardens in full bloom.

But the woman didn’t need to be told who Simon was. He drew her gaze as effortlessly – and unwittingly – as a burning flame captures the innocent gray moth. Unable to tear her eyes away, and knowing full well he hadn’t seen her yet, she stood outside the estate’s gates and studied him, shamelessly, from head to toe.

Simon strode from the dark entranceway and down the stone steps into bright daylight. She knew instantly from the storm of emotion in his flashing eyes that he was terribly angry, and when he leaned over the Darracq and spoke with barely controlled fury, the driver shrank back from his unbridled power.

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