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Soap Opera Digest – 26th June 1989


After his stint as PC’s Greg Reardon, SIMON MacCORKINDALE hoped to make films through the production company that he owns with his wife, SUSAN GEORGE. They produced and starred in Stealing Heaven, then found out that the distributor went out of business. They were told that the film would be released on home video only, but that didn’t suit them. So, the duo got the theatrical rights back, held press screenings, and then managed to get it booked into theaters. Their determination paid off — the flick will be in theaters soon. Simon and Susan spent May at the Cannes Film Festival screening their second production, That Summer of Winter Roses, which stars Academy Award winner ROD STEIGER and TOM CONTI.


Soap Opera Digest – 26 February 1985

Simon MacCorkindale as Greg Reardon in Falcon CrestSimon MacCorkindale

Not Just Another Pretty Face

“I’m here,” says Simon MacCorkindale, “to offer something different.” He says this standing against the backdrop of Los Angeles, the twinkling lights of the city spread below him like so many Christmas trees, A slight, self-deprecating smile humbles the theatricality of the moment. “There are only a few English actors who can capture an American accent and pull it off. Peter Ustinov is one, I’m another. But if I used an American accent, I’d be just another American actor. So, I’m holding onto the English accent. At least for now.” It should serve him in good stead. As Boston-bred, English-educated lawyer-on-the-rise, Greg Reardon, Simon is currently appearing as one of the newest and more continental additions to the wicked wine country of “Falcon Crest.”

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