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National Enquirer – 30th October 1984

Simon MacCorkindale and Susan GeorgeFalcon Crest’ Star Weds Secretly in Paradise

Falcon Crest” star Simon MacCorkindale and actress Susan George shocked guests by showing up at their Hollywood wedding shower — and announcing they were already married!

The happy lovebirds had eloped several days earlier — jetting off to the romantic South Sea island of Fiji where they were wed October 5 by a local minister with only the island’s natives looking on.

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Daily Mirror – 11th October 1984

Susan weds in secret

Simon MacCorkindale and Susan George

ACTRESS Susan George has secretly married Simon MacCorkindale on the South Sea island of Fiji.

The British screen stars, pictured right, slipped quietly out of Hollywood to wed last week without telling even their closest friends.It is Susan’s first marriage. She once went out with Prince Charles.

Simon, star of the TV soap opera Falcon Crest, was previously married to actress Fiona Fullerton. He and Susan, both 35, had postponed the wedding four times.


Woman’s Own – 17 March 1984

Why They Won’t Let Us Marry

They’re regarded in Hollywood as the perfect couple. She’s Susan George,recently voted the sexiest woman in the world. He’s Simon MacCorkindale, star actor, and just as dishy. They’re both very much in love, they both want to marry. So what’s the problem? Shirley Flack reports

Simon MacCorkindale
(Mainly a Susan George article)

The love affair between Susan George and Simon MacCorkindale began just a year ago this month. They’re a handsome couple she, with a face for the 1980s and he, tall, blond and very, very British. Their affair seems made to match.

It’s based on a friendship of many years, of seeing each other through crises which, coincidentally, happened almost together. It seems fate set them on some predetermined path. And made sure they’d meet at the crossroads.

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