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You Magazine – 14 June 1987

The Complete Works Of Susan George

Susan George, fed up with being known more for who she’s going out with than the work she’s doing, wants to put the record straight – she’s happily married and has just produced a limited and illustrated edition of her poems

(Mainly a Susan George article)

Susan George sprawls against a sofa, mug of tea by her side, and squints slightly into the glow of the sinking sun. From outside, over the backwater of the Thames that slips by the bottom of the garden, come the muted sounds of dusk in semi-rural Berkshire. Comfortable in jeans and sweatshirt, happy in such a domestic setting, this surely cannot be the sex siren Susan George who paraded her nakedness across the cinema screen and pouted a path through the clubs and bachelors of London and Los Angeles.

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