Simon Says – Issue 1 – Part 5 of 9

Message From Simon

Welcome to “Simply Simon” and thank you not only for joining, but for being such loyal and devoted fans.  I cannot stress to you how important and valuable you all are to me.  Working the kind of hours that I do, often under great adversity, it’s a delight to know that all the efforts are not only appreciated but awaited.

Your letters, cards, stories etc are all a great source of inspiration and a joy to receive.  I hope I can always satisfy you as much as you all satisfy me.

Fortunately we all have lots to look forward to.  You will have just seen FALCON’S GOLD, but THE RIDDLE OF THE SANDS is due as is JAWS 3D. What else there is in store, no-one yet knows.  But I have a feeling that 1983 will let none of us down.  With your help we can all pull together to make it the first of many special years.  Your eyes out for articles, memorabilia etc will help me to keep my scrapbooks up to date and I know Lonna values your assistance.  Let’s make “Simply Simon” the biggest, best and above all, happiest in the world!

I hope you all had wonderful holidays and that 1983 will, indeed, be a great year.  My love goes out to you all.  Let me know your thoughts and feelings – we’re all in this together

With thanks and love,


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