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Simon Says – Issue 1 – Part 9 of 9

Plans and Platitudes

Well, Members, we hope you have enjoyed our first newsletter.  There are many ideas and plans in the works now, to be implemented in the not-too-distance future, one of which will be the beginnings of a branch club in Great Britain.  We hope to have our new British coordinator in operation very soon, and subsequently we will add British news to our newsletter each time


Please continue to send cards and letters to Showtime on behalf of FALCON’S GOLD.  Our job as fans is to encourage and support Simon in every possible way and this is an excellent opportunity to show him we care.

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Simon Says – Issue 1 – Part 8 of 9

Simon’s Meanderings

The Stage Company in West Palm Beach, Florida recently featured Simon in his one-man show, THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING OSCAR.  The show is about the life of Oscar Wilde and was presented on Sunday evenings November 14, 21 and December 5, 12.

A group of teenagers who had been given assignments to do reports on Oscar Wilde for school were in the audience one night.  After the performance Simon consented to meet with the high schoolers to answer questions about Oscar Wilde and about his own career in acting and directing.

So impressive was Simon’s dissertation that many of them returned another week to attend a second performance of “Oscar”.  After that performance, each of the young people presented Simon with a green carnation, which is the flower used during the show to symbolize different periods in the life of Oscar Wilde

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Simon Says – Issue 1 – Part 7 of 9

Tantalizing Tidbits – Jaws 3D

Do we really have to wait six whole months to find out what perils await Simon in JAWS 3D?  Yes, because the movie is not set for release until July 1983.  However, Simon has reveled a few things about the story and the character he plays in JAWS, and we hope these comments will serve to whet you appetite for the film.

Simon revealed, “My character in JAWS 3D is called Philip Fitzroyce, 16th Earl of Haddenfield.  He is an adventure from England’s aristocracy and makes a living out of shooting spectacular underwater films.  He is a young Jacques Cousteau with a devil-may-care attitude.  He wears safari suits, rugby shirts, a sharks tooth necklace and an outrageous hat.  He’s a celebrity and knows it, and doesn’t care what he looks like as long as he’s having fun.”

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Simon Says – Issue 1 – Part 6 of 9

More Mayhem?

Can there really be more, ask Simon’s fans after reading the long list of painful injuries and horrible demises in his biography?  Yes, unfortunately, and many of us have yet to recover from the heart-stopping danger and physical strain to which Simon’s charater, Hank Richards, was forced to undergo in FALCON’S GOLD.

Hank was gassed, beaten up, nearly roasted and cut in two when forced to fight a barbarian over a pit of fire, shot in the side, and almost destroyed by a volcano.  If that wasn’t enough, he ended up hanging from the skid of a helicopter!

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Simon Says – Issue 1 – Part 5 of 9

Message From Simon

Welcome to “Simply Simon” and thank you not only for joining, but for being such loyal and devoted fans.  I cannot stress to you how important and valuable you all are to me.  Working the kind of hours that I do, often under great adversity, it’s a delight to know that all the efforts are not only appreciated but awaited.

Your letters, cards, stories etc are all a great source of inspiration and a joy to receive.  I hope I can always satisfy you as much as you all satisfy me.

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Simon Says – Issue 1 – Part 4 of 9

Facts and Answers

This column, FACTS AND ANSWERS, is designed to answer all your questions about Simon.

Basics:  Simon is 30 years old and his birthday is February 12th.  He is single, 6ft tall, 175lbs and has blue eyes.

He doesn’t smoke, drink or take drugs (never has done the latter)

He drives a Mazda RX7 – silver-blue, with blue, black and white racing stripes.  No personalized plates though, he finds them too conspicuous.  His CB handle is “Corky” which is a childhood nickname.

His special unreadable signature was created “a long time ago during a Maths class”

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Simon Says – Issue 1 – Part 3 of 9

Review – The Sword and The Sorcerer

By Violet J Nordstrom

Concise.  Precise.  Incisive.

None of the above applies to THE SWORD AND THE SORCERER.  And, unless you keep a score-car, you might lose track of the players.

Xusia is the Sorcerer.  Cromwell is the greedy, tin-plated tyrant who coverts the whole of the civilized world.  Machelli is Cromwell’s chief counselor and insincere ego-booster.  King Richard is the ruler of Ehdan, the original owner of the sword, and Talon is his son.

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Simon Says – Issue 1 – Part 2 of 9

Spotlight on Simon

On September 19 1982, a strange assortment of individuals invaded a north Dallas jack in the Box.  Carrying cassette recorders, cameras, notebooks and assorted personal paraphernalia, they all gathered attentively around a good-looking man in the corner by the window.

Nursing a very large cup of Jack in the Box coffee, this man seemed perfectly ordinary to the casual observer.  He was wearing a blue and white stripped T-shirt, dark blue jeans, and he sported a several days growth of beard.  So what was all the commotion about?

To those of us who were seated there, this was no ordinary gathering of friends.  For amidst us few fortunates that day was one of renown, none other that Simon MacCorkindale, star of stage, screen and TV;  and we were conducting the very first official meeting of the Simon MacCorkindale Fan Club.

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Simon Says – Issue 1 – Part 1 of 9

Happy New Year, Members

You will see before you, the very first newsletter for “SIMPLY SIMON”.  After a very slow beginning, the club, with the very welcome help of Simon himself, is finally starting to come together.  This newsletter contains an account of our beginning plus movie reviews, news and updates on Simon’s career.  It is further spiced throughout with questions answered by Simon, many with direct quotes.  So without further delay here it is – – the first official newsletter, “SIMON SAYS”

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