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Simon Says – Issue 2 – Part 4 of 9

Semantic Encounter

In our last issue we printed a review on THE SWORD AND THE SORCERER by violet.  In view of some comments to the effect that perhaps Violet didn’t like the movie because she only wrote a straight review from a very objective point of view, I will now print additional comments by Vi.  These we will title:


Sword and the Sorcerer – The opinion

Hmm… You’d think, with my penchant for words, and periodic contacts with various types of fans, I’d have known better than write a straight review of THE SWORD AND THE SORCERER for a Fan Club Newsletter, instead of an opinion on what the Honorary brought to his role.

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Simon Says – Issue 1 – Part 3 of 9

Review – The Sword and The Sorcerer

By Violet J Nordstrom

Concise.  Precise.  Incisive.

None of the above applies to THE SWORD AND THE SORCERER.  And, unless you keep a score-car, you might lose track of the players.

Xusia is the Sorcerer.  Cromwell is the greedy, tin-plated tyrant who coverts the whole of the civilized world.  Machelli is Cromwell’s chief counselor and insincere ego-booster.  King Richard is the ruler of Ehdan, the original owner of the sword, and Talon is his son.

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