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Semantic Encounter

In our last issue we printed a review on THE SWORD AND THE SORCERER by violet.  In view of some comments to the effect that perhaps Violet didn’t like the movie because she only wrote a straight review from a very objective point of view, I will now print additional comments by Vi.  These we will title:


Sword and the Sorcerer – The opinion

Hmm… You’d think, with my penchant for words, and periodic contacts with various types of fans, I’d have known better than write a straight review of THE SWORD AND THE SORCERER for a Fan Club Newsletter, instead of an opinion on what the Honorary brought to his role.

An opinion is a personal interpretation of any given situation, and wasn’t really what I had in mind at the time.  But then, I had the advantage of knowing that more comments about S&S and what Simon brought to his role, will crop up later in the interview we had with Simon last fall.  I was trying to present an evenly balance summary of the happening in a movie I very much enjoy, and in which Simon figured prominently.

He is a consummate actor – bringing out the charater nuances obviously not intended by the writer of director on some occasions.  In S&S, the director didn’t included a scene where Talon and Mikah renewed their childhood acquaintanceship.  However, with voice inflections and a single gesture of this hands, Simon showed that Mikah knew who Talon was, and therefor had no qualms about sending him after Alana.

Because Simon has written and directed several projects, he understands characterization and plot devices a little better than someone who has only been involved in one aspect of presenting a complete story to an audience.

Oh, by the way, anyone else with an opinion is welcome to chime in.

Till next time,


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