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Simon Says – Issue 2 – Part 5 of 9

Welcome New Members


Also a very special welcome to two new members who are very special people to Simon, Mrs. Jill MacCorkindale and Melody Ann Desjarlaris.  Melody Ann is ten years old as Simon’s sponsored child through Save the Children.  Mrs MacCorkindale is one of Simon’s biggest fans; at least she’s been able to watch Simon’s talent developing for many years – none other than, Simon’s mom!

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Simon Says – Issue 1 – Part 9 of 9

Plans and Platitudes

Well, Members, we hope you have enjoyed our first newsletter.  There are many ideas and plans in the works now, to be implemented in the not-too-distance future, one of which will be the beginnings of a branch club in Great Britain.  We hope to have our new British coordinator in operation very soon, and subsequently we will add British news to our newsletter each time


Please continue to send cards and letters to Showtime on behalf of FALCON’S GOLD.  Our job as fans is to encourage and support Simon in every possible way and this is an excellent opportunity to show him we care.

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Simon Says – Issue 1 – Part 1 of 9

Happy New Year, Members

You will see before you, the very first newsletter for “SIMPLY SIMON”.  After a very slow beginning, the club, with the very welcome help of Simon himself, is finally starting to come together.  This newsletter contains an account of our beginning plus movie reviews, news and updates on Simon’s career.  It is further spiced throughout with questions answered by Simon, many with direct quotes.  So without further delay here it is – – the first official newsletter, “SIMON SAYS”

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