Simon Says – Issue 1 – Part 9 of 9

Plans and Platitudes

Well, Members, we hope you have enjoyed our first newsletter.  There are many ideas and plans in the works now, to be implemented in the not-too-distance future, one of which will be the beginnings of a branch club in Great Britain.  We hope to have our new British coordinator in operation very soon, and subsequently we will add British news to our newsletter each time


Please continue to send cards and letters to Showtime on behalf of FALCON’S GOLD.  Our job as fans is to encourage and support Simon in every possible way and this is an excellent opportunity to show him we care.

Another reminder – Simon likes to keep his scrapbooks up to date, as he has previously mentioned.  Please send copies of anything you find on him to the club and we will make sure ht gets them.

In closing, we want to extend a big welcome to our newest members: Donna Piercy, Ella Presley and Audra Fint, all joining during the month of December.  Also we welcome the new members from Village Montessori School, Sarah Armstrong, Andrea Longo, Julie Rhoads, Alyson Ashley, Rachel Temple, Teresa Evans and Carla Hill

Until next time, we hope you will all be happy and prosperous in the new year.  Let us hear from you!

Official slogan “I’ve been Simonized” courtesy of Linda Gayle Walker – Ft Worth, Texas

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