Simon Says – Issue 1 – Part 6 of 9

More Mayhem?

Can there really be more, ask Simon’s fans after reading the long list of painful injuries and horrible demises in his biography?  Yes, unfortunately, and many of us have yet to recover from the heart-stopping danger and physical strain to which Simon’s charater, Hank Richards, was forced to undergo in FALCON’S GOLD.

Hank was gassed, beaten up, nearly roasted and cut in two when forced to fight a barbarian over a pit of fire, shot in the side, and almost destroyed by a volcano.  If that wasn’t enough, he ended up hanging from the skid of a helicopter!

When presented with a ceramic “Valor Award” by the club at the September meeting in Dallas, Simon laughingly put it around his neck and posed for pictures.  Hanging on a pale blue ribbon, the red ceramic disk read, “Nobody Suffers like Simon!”

Naturally after hearing that he was going to star in JAWS 3D, his fans immediately asked, “Do you get eaten by the shark?”, to which Simon emphatically replied, “Yes!”

What more danger is in store for our hero as he acts and swims his way through JAWS 3D?  I’ll guess we’ll just have to wait and see!

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