Simon Says – Issue 1 – Part 8 of 9

Simon’s Meanderings

The Stage Company in West Palm Beach, Florida recently featured Simon in his one-man show, THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING OSCAR.  The show is about the life of Oscar Wilde and was presented on Sunday evenings November 14, 21 and December 5, 12.

A group of teenagers who had been given assignments to do reports on Oscar Wilde for school were in the audience one night.  After the performance Simon consented to meet with the high schoolers to answer questions about Oscar Wilde and about his own career in acting and directing.

So impressive was Simon’s dissertation that many of them returned another week to attend a second performance of “Oscar”.  After that performance, each of the young people presented Simon with a green carnation, which is the flower used during the show to symbolize different periods in the life of Oscar Wilde

Simon, simply by being his usual self, completely charmed many in this class from Village Montessori School in Lake Park, Florida.  Their teacher, Sarah Armstrong, said that the attention and courtesy Simon displayed, motivated her students towards greater research into the life of Oscar Wilde and resulted in a fine program about the author, which was presented to the PTA.

Because of Simon’s friendliness towards these sincere young people, this fan club now has seven very welcome new members, including Sarah Armstrong.  We extend a very special welcome to our new members from Village Montessori School.  WELCOME!!

After completing his final performance of “Oscar” on December 12th, a few days later Simon left Florida to fly to England in order to spend the Christmas holidays with his family.  He plans on returning to the JAWS set for several days in mid-January to wind up filming, after which he will travel back to his home in California for a short rest and whatever new projects await him in 1983

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