SMCFP On This Day: Relic Hunter – Hunting with the Enemy

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Series: Relic Hunter
Episode: S3Ep14 – Hunting with the Enemy
First Aired: 4 February 2002
Character: Fabrice De Viega

Description: An urn commissioned in a Cambodian monastery by the Chinese emperor for the remains of Confucius is about to be destroyed by systematic bombing of a whole province – so DeViega, tricks and kidnaps Syndey and Nigel (and their secretary on the home front, as additional blackmail leverage) to get to it through a heavily land mined area and decipher the I-ching on the way in before bombs hit it.

Quotes: May contain spoilers

  • Kill me and you’ll be looking for a new secretary, and good help’s so hard to find
  • Tick tock professor, TICK TOCK
  • Oh no, no, no, ladies first
  • Are you crazy? Any minute this is gonna collapse and we’re gonna be buried alive!
  • Probably can’t get a signal down here


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