What’s on TV – June 2002

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The new consultant is set to cause quite a stir…

Simon MacCorkindale reckons fate played a big part in him landing the role of CASUALTY’s suave new consultant, Harry Harper.

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He’s recently moved to a new home, not far from where CASUALTY is made, and was looking for a local company to make him a mask for his character in the Sky 1 series Relic Hunter.

And it was then that he found himself wandering onto the CASUALTY set in Bristol, to meet the hospital drama’s special effects team.

‘At the time I had no idea I’d end up working there,’ says Simon. ‘But that night, I got a call from my agent asking me if I was interested in playing Harry Harper. It seemed pre-destined!’

A stickler for discipline, Harry is set to make waves in Holby A&E.

‘He turns up for work in a suit and tie and starts as he means to go on,’ says Simon. ‘He’s set to bring old fashioned values back into the department. In his view, things have been slipping lately. He’s not autocratic, but he runs a tight ship and that’s bound to upset some people.’

He’s also one for the ladies. ‘That’s his potential weak spot,’ confides Simon. ‘Although I think he’d always put his work and family first.’

And Harry’s got his hands full with wife – Becky and five kids – ranging in age from six months to 16 years. His brood cause him problems on his first day at Holby, when he has to bring in his baby daughter, Daisy, to work after his wife sacks the nanny.

But in real life, Simon’s more interested in babied of the four-legged variety – the foals that were born at the stud farm he runs with his actress wife, Susan George.

‘I love working at the farm and am very much hands-on when I can be,’ says Simon.

‘In fact, my few brushes with hospitals have usually been as a result of working on the farm – either banging nails into my hands or the pitchfork-through-the-toe type of injury!

‘Since I joined CASUALTY we’ve already had five new foals. Seeing every one of them arrive has been a real thrill.’

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